Our assortment includes high quality products for seasonal holidays like Easter and Christmas. One of our bestsellers is the premium poppyseed cake with a high filling content. To complete the flavour profile and add richness the filling includes wildflower honey and plum preserve. This cake’s rich and elegant presentation makes it a stunning addition to the Easter table!

It is our pleasure to announce a new product launch… A decadent, delicious and rich brownie with walnuts. This intense chocolate treat will surely satisfy all chocoholics! Available in a number of formats, including cut and uncut forms. Please contact us for more information!

With the beginning of spring we are almost ready to introduce our brand new products! The assortment, which is perfectly suited for the upcoming warm months, includes no-bake cheesecakes, sweet buns with a variety of fruit fillings and summer sponge cakes. Stay tuned for more!